Tubtex manufactures tubular sleeves




In 2001 Tubtex was born in Tarragona (Spain).

Tubtex is a company that manufactures tubular sleeves for making sponges and scouring pads for household cleaning and personal hygiene.

Export is Tubtex's strong point, we have clients in more than 30 countries and our experience throughout all these years in international trade allows us to contribute all our knowledge to companies that regularly work in a globalized market, as well as those companies that they begin in the import of raw materials.

The human team that is at the forefront of Tubtex, has extensive experience in the manufacture and marketing of these products, so we can surely help you with all aspects, doubts or questions that may appear.


Quality is a fundamental value for Tubtex. We carry out an exhaustive control to develop increasingly precise and satisfactory products that guarantee their reliability.

We have an R&D team in continuous development of new products in order to offer our clients novelties and innovative products.

The quality of our products, very short delivery times, competitive and stable prices and a personalized after-sales service make Tubtex the European alternative for these products.




Tubular sleeves

Different materials, infinite solutions. A sleeve, a solution for household cleaning or personal hygiene.

Scourers / Sponges in bulk

Different seals, various sizes, logistics adapted to sea and land transport.

Packed scourers / sponges

We can manufacture the sponges with your brand, delivering them ready for distribution and marketing.

Contact with us

We offer a global solution for all cleaning needs anywhere and on any surface


Manufacture of tubular sleeves for the preparation of sponges and scouring pads for household cleaning and personal hygiene.


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