Microfiber, cotton and polyethylene sleeves

Our line of personal care products is made of microfiber, cotton and polyethylene fabrics and gloves. This line of products is indicated for personal hygiene, from soft skin to the most punished and parched.

Cotton sleeves

It is an ideal fabric for the manufacture of a soft bath sponge with a pleasant texture that caresses the skin.

The cotton threads with which this fabric is made comply with the requirements of the Oko Tex standard 100, which allows a safe contact with the skin.

Microfiber sleeves

It is the softest fabric in our entire catalog, intended for the manufacture of sponges for personal hygiene, especially suitable for the most sensitive and delicate skin.

Raftex Polyethylene Sleeves

A fabric of great resistance and durability ideal for the manufacture of exfoliating bath sponges that tone and revitalize the skin. It removes dead skin cells and stimulates blood circulation, leaving skin soft with a comforting feeling of freshness. Therefore, it is a high quality fabric for cleansing the most damaged and parched skin.

Cotton Gloves

Cotton glove for personal hygiene especially suitable for sensitive and delicate skin.

Microfiber Gloves

Glove for personal hygiene made with microfiber threads that provide extra softness.

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Manufacture of tubular sleeves for the preparation of sponges and scouring pads for household cleaning and personal hygiene.


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